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David Gray & Co
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  David Gray & Co. Insurance Consultants. Ltd.
  800 - 1185 W. Georgia Street,
  Vancouver, BC V6E 4E6
  Office Phone: 604-629-2681
Facsimile: 1-888-514-3588
David Gray - President
Mobile: 604-329-4114
  email: david@davidgrayinsurance.com
Who are we
David Gray & Co. insurance Consultants Ltd. was established March 15th 1978 under the leadership of David Gray. David began his career in the Life Insurance industry with the Zurich Life Insurance Co. of Canada. After a successful period in personal sales he spent five years in Management. The life insurance industry was changing into independent advisor sales at this time as multi company representation was the way of the future.

With his wealth of experience by this time in the industry, David formed his own company and has enjoyed over 34 years of continued success servicing his many clients all over the lower mainland, the interior and Vancouver Island.

His reputation with many of Canada's largest insurers, such as Manulife Financial, Canada Life, Sun Life Financial, Standard Life, Great West Life and more, all of which he is contracted with individually, has enabled him to do the very best possible for each and every client.

As a testament to this, David has qualified for the National Quality Award, with Advocis, 30 consecutive years. This award represents maintaining at least 98% of all the business written in previous years.

With each year in this industry comes changes in products and it is extremely important to kept up to date and be able to have all your insurance needs addressed with a independent insurance advisor.

David Gray & Co. Insurance Consultants Ltd.

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Contact: David Gray
  800 - 1185 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4E6
  Telephone: 604-329-4114  Facsimile: 1-888-514-3588
  email: info at davidgrayinsurance dot com

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